The Complication of Relationships

May To December Relationships

There seems to be no scientific way to determine what will cause an attraction between two people, so predicting those who will date at any time is nearly impossible. People might have a feeling that a person will be attracted to someone else, but they are not always able to pinpoint what causes it. For those of very different ages, it can be a social mistake to date, so they should consider keeping their burgeoning relationship a secret. The gossips always love May December relationships because they are not quite acceptable, and they love to speculate on what each person is getting out of it. Believing it could be love is something that rarely occurs, and being the subject of gossip can be disturbing.

An older man

Maturity is wonderful for those who are seeking a commitment, but a young woman with an older man is considered to be something untoward even by today’s standards. Many speculate she is attracted to him because she wants a father figure, and they see it as slightly obscene. Some people will declare she is looking for someone to support her, and they will gossip about the possibility she has a young man on the side. All of this could be untrue, and the rumours that fly can be painful to hear.

The older woman

It has become a cliché that older women who get divorced these days are looking for younger men to satisfy them sexually, and they are called cougars for their hunting abilities in finding these males. The gossips will point out that there is nothing more than a physical attraction, and they look upon the woman as beneath their moral values. The man might be looked upon as someone seeking a woman to take care of him, but it is not necessarily true. Each person in the relationship might find love and comfort with the other, but those who see it from the outside will explain it as a way for each of them to get more than they deserve in life.

The toll of gossip

Social awareness of a situation can be hurtful to those involved, and they might choose to break off their relationship rather than cause friends and family embarrassment. It should only matter if they have feelings for each other, but the toll of gossip has long been a heavy one for people in this type of relationship. Their friends and family will let them know what people are saying, and the partners might believe they are hurting each other due to the pain it can cause to lose their reputation in the community.

The awkwardness of May December romances has long been a reason to stay away from those who are not close in age, but it should not be a limiting factor. Keeping the relationship discreet until it proves to be a good one is best for all concerned, but being open to letting trusted friends and family members know about it might be okay if it works out. For those who find a good partner, ignoring the rumours and gossip is for the best.