The Complication of Relationships

Dating the Boss’s Daughter

Young people tend to be attracted to those they know they should not date, and the daughter of a boss is always a temptation for those who work for him. Many of them see her as a person on a pedestal, and they believe it would be heavenly to be in her company. Some see her as a means to an end, and they believe they might succeed the boss if only they can capture her attention. She is often aware of all the complex reasons men might want to be in her company, but she might disregard them for a discreet affair with someone she finds attractive.

The ire of the boss

It stands to reason that many supervisors, managers and company owners with daughters understand the temptations of their child and those who work for them. They do not necessarily see their workers as being beneath their family, but they are often concerned that someone might use their child to get ahead. It will excite the ire of the boss if they believe this is the case, so dating the daughter can be something that would not be advisable for those not looking for a serious relationship. If it is just a lark, then discretion is a key factor to staying on the boss’s good side.

A serious relationship

Two people from different walks of life have often found they are compatible, so dating the daughter of the boss might just be something that can lead to a lifetime commitment. For those who are willing to make a go of it, it would be best to hide the fact they are dating until they know if they might have something permanent. It will save a lot of headaches for everyone involved, and they will have fewer concerns if their relationship tapers off after only a few months. It will also establish that getting ahead through social connections is not the reason for the relationship, and that will ensure the boss has no concern on that score.

Defying her parents

It is often true that the daughter of almost anyone will be defying her parents at some point, and dating one of her parent’s workers might just be how she does it. Instead of the employee using her, she is using him to teach them that she can do whatever she wants in life. It is often an immature behaviour, and she will have little regard for the consequences to the other person. Her goal is about what she wants in life, and his needs matter not at all to her unless she falls in love with him. She might be willing to be discreet at first, but disobedience and rebellion might push her into admitting to the affair when she wants a way to get back at her family.

There are many good reasons not to date the daughter of the boss at all, but those who do it should consider keeping it out of the public eye for as long as possible. Unless the relationship matures into a solid commitment, it can have consequences that will hurt everyone.